MS Outlook 2019: Upgrading from 2010

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In the course MS Outlook 2019: Upgrading from 2010, you will get acquainted with the changes brought to you by the new, upgraded version of the program. In the interactive lessons of this course, you will examine the changes of the program interface, namely the Backstage view and the navigation pane for a quick selection of the Outlook folders. You will try the adjusted preview of messages, which enables you to reply to them message or forward them directly in the preview. You will also examine how to highlight the unread messages or to view only them listed in the Mail folder. You will try the Conversation view and the command buttons in the list of messages. You will also examine other improved settings and actions with the items of the Outlook folders.

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  • Introduction to Outlook
  • People view
  • Outlook view options
  • Accepting a meeting invitation
  • Creating and printing contacts
  • Proposing a new meeting time
  • Getting help in Outlook
  • Sneak peeks
  • Working offline
  • Replying to messages and forwarding them
  • Importing and exporting data
  • Journal
  • Notes
  • Searching for messages
  • Viewing messages by conversation
  • Quick steps
  • Managing messages by using rules

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