MS Access 2019: Upgrading from 2003

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In the course MS Access 2019: Upgrading from 2003, you will get acquainted with the changes brought to you by the new, upgraded version of the program. You will become familiar with the new program interface and will master the usage of its new tools. When designing tables, you will explore the new field types and the calculation of totals of the table data. You will see how the program itself helps you with the creation of database objects. You will examine the improved wizards of forms and reports creation. You will explore the new options of navigation within these objects and the new tools of aligning controls placed in them. You will get acquainted with the significant change of the environment in which macros are created and with the web apps and their templates. You will also try plenty of other improved program tools.

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  • Copying and importing external data into tables
  • Access environment
  • Creating a table in the Datasheet View
  • Design view of tables
  • Creating manual joins in queries
  • Advanced field data types
  • Expressions in queries
  • Restricting data input in tables
  • Macro basics
  • Assigning a macro to a button
  • Relationships between tables
  • Totals
  • Data validation via macros
  • Referential integrity
  • Navigation in tables
  • Exporting data from a database
  • Splitting a database
  • Sorting and filtering data in tables
  • Design View of forms
  • Automated data import and export
  • Select queries
  • Form creation in the Design View
  • Import and export in XML format
  • Editing a form
  • Editing form controls
  • Navigation Pane
  • Calculated fields in queries
  • Calculated form fields and conditional formatting
  • Navigation in a database
  • Access privacy and security
  • Printing database objects and their documentation
  • Editing a lookup column
  • Automatic creation of forms
  • Form with a subform
  • Report creation
  • Restricting data editing in forms
  • Grouping and summarising data in reports
  • Editing created reports
  • Advanced report options
  • Setting reports before printing them

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