The tutorial is an important part of course and it is where students spend most of their time. These tutorials were designed to emulate a favourable learning process in a classroom.

In standard classroom training - there is an instructor who gives an explanation, demonstrates a procedure to students, asks them to repeat the procedure on their computers and gives them advice if they need it. The same training is available for a student of our self-study tutorial.

Each tutorial is based on an accurate simulation of the corresponding Microsoft Office application. The simulation behaves exactly as does the original application but allows students only to perform such actions as they are required to perform. This creates a safe learning environment for individual-study.

As in the classroom, the student can hear the voice of the instructor who explains the topic and gives instruction concerning which actions to perform and how to perform them. For those who do not have speakers or headphones or who prefer to read the instructions the Instruction Panel can be displayed.
The volume of the narration can be set easily or the sound can be switched off completely .

The flow of the self-study tutorial can be controlled by the using the Control Panel located below the tutorial. Students can move to the next or the previous action by using the buttons Next and Back buttons.

Button Show is useful when students are not sure where on the screen the required action should be carried out. After clicking the Show button an arrow is displayed to advise concerning the correct location.
Button Demo starts an animation that demonstrates perfectly for the student how to perform the required action.
Button Help displays a window with a detailed definition of the Control Panel elements.

To experience the advantages of the self-study tutorial you can start the following tutorial: