Purchasing Procedure

Procedure for Purchasing

Login and Registration for e-shop users

For browsing the catalog of products it is neither necessary to be logged in nor registered as a user. An overview of the products is available to you, including detailed descriptions of their content, together with access to their online demo versions, together with the option to download a trial-version. 
In order to complete the purchase, however, including the dispatching of the order, it will be necessary to provide some basic personal information or about the company that you represent. During the purchase procedure you will be prompted in this simple registration process.

If you are already registered with our e-shop, you will not need to re-enter this data; you may simply log-in to your account.
You will locate the administration of your account in the main menu in the "My Account" section. The information provided during registration is necessary for creating a valid order and, in accordance with our privacy policy, we maintain the absolute confidentiality of this information. During registration you may at the same time choose your login name and user name for the account.

You will use these access data for your future purchases, for checking orders, invoices and licences purchased, or for accessing the study of online courses.  

Selection of a product and using the shopping cart

In the catalog of products the individual series of courses are sorted according to categories. Select the requisite category from the list in the left-hand column. Within each category the series of courses are further broken-down into their different language versions. Select the required language version of the products from the list in the row of tabs. You will see a list of the products belonging to the category selected in the language version specified. By clicking on an individual product, its detailed description will be displayed, including the costs for each individual product format (DVD, Download or Online). You can select the currency in which the prices of the products will be shown, on the left-hand side, below the list of product categories.
On the product description page you will also find both the options to access a demo-version and to download from there a trial-version of the product.

By clicking on the "Buy" button located next to the selected product format (DVD, Download or Online) you will insert the product selected into a "shopping cart" and the contents of the cart will be displayed, together with the prices for the products selected and the total purchase price.

When the selected products are in the cart the time has come for carrying out the ordering and for making the payment. Prior to that, the items can simply be removed from the shopping cart by clicking on the "Empty Cart" button.
If you wish to add another product to the cart you will click on the "Select another product" button.

Check that your cart contains the sets of courses required and also check their cost.

Click on the "Order" button to proceed to the next stage of your purchase. 

Confirmation and the dispatch of your order, payment

In the subsequent steps, first check the basic information about yourself, the customer, and, if necessary, choose a different billing or shipping address.

If you are buying a product in the form of a DVD, select the method for the delivery (transport) of your purchased goods. If the value of the purchases exceeds a certain sum the shipping and handling fees specified will not be applied. Otherwise, the cost of postage and handling corresponding to the product and the method of transport will be shown.

Subsequently, select the desired method of payment. 

Click on the "Next" button to display an overview of the data for the issuance of the order. Check all the details you have submitted. Do not forget to check the products selected and their prices.

If you need to correct any information, return to the relevant step by using the "Back" button and make the correction.

If the data for ordering are correct you can then move on to issuing the order and the payment. To do this, click on the "Order Now" button. For making the payment you will be redirected to your chosen payment channel. After the payment is made you will be returned. The issued order will be sent to the e-mail address that you provided in your registration information. A summary of the documentation for the purchases made can also be viewed conveniently in your account (My Account/My orders).  

If you are buying courses in the Online or Download formats, no transport options are considered because the Online courses will be available to you, following payment, directly via the Internet, while the courses in the Download format you will download yourself to your computer on the internet. The link for downloading the courses will be sent to you, together with a proof of payment, to your email address. Information concerning payment, the invoice, the location of the courses to be downloaded, access to the Online courses purchased and other details will be saved at the same time to your account, where they can be accessed at any time after logging in (using the "My Account" menu). 

Product Activation

Courses designed for study on your computer (the DVD and Download forms of products) require "activation" for their full-featured functioning. Unless the product has been activated it exists in the form of a trial-version and after the conclusion of the trial period the subject-content available for study is substantially restricted.

Activation changes the trial-version into the full-feature product that, at the same time, will be adapted for your computer. Courses can then be studied on your computer, at any time, in their entirety and for an unlimited period.

How to activate the product

  1. Prepare the "Licence key" that you received following payment for the product.
  2. Run the trial-version of the product (delivered on a DVD or downloaded from the Product Catalog). When prompted for activation, copy the "Licence Key" into the program window.
  3. The program checks the Licence Key and creates a customised "Computer Code" that is valid only for your computer and for a specific product.
  4. The program sends the Computer Code via the Internet to our licencing centre, which, after the requisite checking, enables a program to carry out the actual activation via the Internet.
  5. Now you will be able to study courses on your computer without any restrictions.

Activation using the Internet connection is very easy and swift.

If the computer on which you wish to study the courses cannot be connected to the Internet, the activation can be completed using another computer that is connected to the Internet. The procedure in step No. 4 is different, in that it is carried out manually. When undertaking this you will follow the instructions provided by the program.

Courses purchased in the Online form do not require activation. They are located on our servers and you can study them using any (technically appropriate) computer that is connected to the Internet.