MS Excel 2019: Upgrading from 2003

Instruction Language: English
Application Language: English
In the course MS Excel 2019: Upgrading from 2003, you will get acquainted with the changes brought to you by the new version of the program. First you will explore a completely new user interface where you will learn to navigate easily. You will learn to use the tools offered to you in the menu of the individual tabs of the Ribbon. You will familiarise yourself with plenty of new features, such as sparklines, slicers, Flash Fill or quick analysis of data. You will examine the new offer of paste options and the extended options of conditional formatting and automatic filtering of data. You will also try the options of quick formatting of created tables and charts using the whole gallery of styles and some other tools of chart editing. You will explore the new names of buttons and of various menus.

Product code: EN-Exc19Up03-Exc


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  • Customisation of the Quick Access Toolbar
  • Sparklines
  • The Excel window
  • Customising the Ribbon
  • Creating charts
  • The Ribbon
  • Manipulation with sheets of multiple workbooks
  • Chart design
  • Excel workbook
  • Advanced paste options
  • Chart formatting
  • Creation and saving of a workbook
  • Copying multiple items
  • Screenshots and screen clipping
  • Open an existing workbook
  • Pasting external data into Excel
  • Shapes
  • Manipulating worksheets
  • Advanced number formats
  • SmartArt
  • Themes
  • Worksheet protection
  • Proofing tools
  • Adjusting rows and columns
  • Advanced work with Excel tables
  • Tracking changes
  • Comments
  • Managing multiple windows
  • Moving and copying cell values
  • Splitting worksheets into panes
  • Copying and moving using the Clipboard
  • Conditional formatting rules
  • Workbook views
  • Font formatting
  • Conditional formatting based on a formula
  • Header and footer
  • Alignment of data in cells
  • Function library
  • Page setup
  • Borders and fill
  • Microsoft account
  • Basic number formats
  • File properties
  • Date, time and percentage number formats
  • Workbook protection
  • Cell styles
  • Workbook inspection
  • Copying formatting
  • File AutoRecovery
  • Excel table
  • Using templates
  • Conditional formatting
  • Nested functions
  • Compatibility issues
  • Errors in cells and their checking
  • Saving a workbook to the Web
  • AutoSum
  • Naming cell ranges
  • Introduction to macros
  • Number and date fill series
  • Data validation
  • Macro recording
  • Text series and custom lists
  • Macro editing
  • Sorting
  • Advanced sorting
  • Macro security
  • Recommended charts
  • Data filtering
  • Digitally signed macros
  • Instant data analysis
  • Using slicers to filter data
  • Pictures in Excel
  • Finding and replacing specific values
  • Printing
  • Removing duplicate data
  • Customisation of the program settings
  • Splitting text into columns
  • Getting help with Excel
  • Flash Fill
  • Outline
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ProductType Single courses
ApplicationLanguage English
EducationLanguage English