MS Word 2019: Prechod z 2007

Instruction Language: Slovak
Application Language: Slovak
In the course MS Word 2019: Upgrading from 2007, you will get acquainted with the changes brought to you by the new, upgraded version of the program. In the interactive lessons of this course, you will examine the new appearance of the program interface. You will surely appreciate an easy selection of required templates when creating a new document and the option of quick navigation to the place from where you have quit the document. When working with longer documents, you will be able to collapse the content of the individual chapters. You will familiarise yourself with the new options of viewing and editing PDF files as well as inserting and viewing online videos, both directly in Word. You will also try the new tools for editing graphical objects, such as zooming them in for a preview by a simple double-click and seeing the live layout of objects when moving or aligning them. In addition, you will examine plenty of features that have been also improved.

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  • Úvod do práce s Wordom
  • Základné nastavenia Wordu
  • Zobrazenie dokumentov
  • Nastavenie pozadia strany
  • Režim čítania
  • Prispôsobenie pása s nástrojmi
  • Tvorba nového dokumentu
  • Klávesové skratky
  • Otvorenie dokumentu
  • Automatický text
  • Pohyb v dokumente
  • Vyhľadávanie v dokumente
  • Tvorba šablón
  • Kopírovanie a presun textu
  • Uloženie dokumentu
  • Sledovanie zmien v dokumente
  • Práca s komentármi
  • Formátovanie textu
  • Pokročilé nastavenie hlavičky a päty
  • Vytvorenie prehľadu
  • Zoznamy s odrážkami
  • Kontrola pravopisu
  • Tvorba grafov
  • Jazyk dokumentu
  • Úprava grafov
  • Vkladanie obrázkov
  • Tlač dokumentov
  • Úprava obrázkov
  • Práca s Pomocníkom
  • Vloženie a formátovanie grafických prvkov SmartArt
  • Vloženie a formátovanie tvarov
  • Preklad textu
  • Vloženie snímky obrazovky
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ProductType Single courses
ApplicationLanguage Slovak
EducationLanguage Slovak