MS Word 2010 - Suite de 3 cours interactifs

Instruction Language: French
Application Language: French
In the series of MS Word 2010 courses you will find everything that you need to learn to perfectly master the Microsoft Word application - from basic navigation through a document and editing its graphic content effectively to such fine details as automatic mail merge printing.

First you will orient yourself in the environment of the application. When you know how to enter text, next you will learn to select, move, copy and format text and to check its spelling and grammar. Then you will learn how to use styles, to alter page margins and their width, to add a header and a footer to a document and finally to print it. You will also learn to create a document using a template and in the opposite manner to create a template from a document. You will learn about AutoComplete and AutoText, try out creating your own Building Blocks and setting paragraph properties suitable for organising the text flow. You will create a table of contents, an index and a table of figures to add to a document. You will use mail merge to create envelopes, labels and a catalog. You will learn to work with graphics and how to insert SmartArts and WordArts to a document. You will also familiarise yourself with the basics of form creation and with printing and protecting them.

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