MS Outlook 2019 - Suite de 3 cours interactifs

Instruction Language: French
Application Language: French
Microsoft Outlook is known as a mail client, which further enables its users to keep even other kinds of information and to process them. After getting to know the program environment and its manipulation, you will get acquainted with the options of managing your e-mails. You will learn to create and send messages as well as to read the received ones. Step by step, you will try various tools for organising all your messages. You will familiarise yourself with the usage of the address book and how to create new contacts. In order to organise your activities, you will learn to use the calendar. You will get acquainted with the options of creating tasks, notes and tracking your actions in the Journal. Using the calendar, you will learn to organise various appointments and manage invitations. You will also learn to assign a task to your colleague and then follow its fulfilling. You will get to know how to share the information from different Outlook folders with other users and how to assign a delegate to manage your mail account when you are out of office for a longer period of time.

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