MS Outlook 2016: Fortgeschrittene

Instruction Language: German
Application Language: German
In the course MS Outlook 2016: Advanced, you will learn to organise your appointments by using the Calendar and assign tasks to your colleagues with the subsequent follow-up of their fulfilment. You will try out importing and exporting your Outlook data and sharing the information with other Outlook users. You will also get acquainted with data files and the creation of custom forms for the individual Outlook items.

Product code: DE-Otl16-Otl3


£ 15.00
£ 18.15 incl. VAT info
  • Kalender - Termine planen
  • Kalender - Einladung annehmen
  • Termin ändern
  • Termin ändern und Kalenderoptionen
  • Aufgabe zuweisen
  • Kalenderansicht
  • Kalenderinformationen freigeben
  • Delegieren von Berechtigungen
  • Datendateien und globale Adressliste offline
  • Offline-Ordner
  • Daten importieren und exportieren
  • Persönliche Ordner
  • Einrichten eines E-Mail-Kontos
  • Benutzerdefiniertes Formular erstellen
  • Benutzerdefiniertes Formular verwenden
  • Nachtrag zu Formularen
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ProductType Single courses
ApplicationLanguage German
EducationLanguage German