MS Excel 2019: Umstieg von 2010

Instruction Language: German
Application Language: German
In the course MS Excel 2019: Upgrading from 2010, you will get acquainted with the changes brought by the new version of the program, particularly with the new program interface when it comes to the Backstage view and the presence of the new Start screen. You will browse the new templates, which better meet the needs of users. You will examine plenty of tools the usage of which has been improved. You will familiarise yourself even with the entirely new tools such as Flash Fill, Quick Analysis or Recommended Charts, which enable even less advanced users to perform various analyses of entered data. You will also try new tools for editing charts and the use of slicers, previously available only for PivotTables.

Product code: DE-Exc19Up10-Exc


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  • Sparklines
  • Excel-Programmfenster
  • Diagramme gestalten
  • Diagramme bearbeiten
  • Einfuegeoptionen
  • Diagramme formatieren
  • Erstellen und Speichern einer Arbeitsmappe
  • Öffnen einer Arbeitsmappe
  • Fenster anordnen
  • Arbeitsmappenansicht
  • Funktionsbibliothek
  • Microsoft-Konto
  • Eigenschaften der Arbeitsmappe
  • Dokument prüfen
  • Windows-Zwischenablage und Formatierung
  • Vorlagen
  • Kompatibilität
  • Arbeitsmappen freigeben
  • Makrosicherheit
  • Empfohlene Diagramme
  • Schnelle Datenanalyse
  • Bild
  • Druck
  • Grundlegende Programmeinstellung
  • Blitzvorschau
  • Hilfe in Excel
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ProductType Single courses
ApplicationLanguage German
EducationLanguage German