MS Access 2007 - Set of 3 Interactive Courses

Instruction Language: English
Application Language: English
In the library of the MS Access 2007 courses you will find all the information that you need to learn to perfectly master the Microsoft Access application - from basic orientation to the environment of the application to the formulation of queries and the creation of complex forms and output reports.

First you will familiarise yourself with the basics of working with Access, by learning to design, use, and join tables. Then you will learn more advanced techniques for designing tables and queries and try out creating a composite index and a dynamic validation rule that will compare the values of two different fields within a table. You will also try out creating totals, crosstab, make-table and action queries. You will acquaint yourself with the creation of forms and reports. You will also learn to create pivot tables, charts and macros. You will secure, compress and backup a database and, finally, you will take a look at the SQL commands that correspond to the different types of query.

Product code: EN-Acc07-CS3


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