MOS: Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2013 – Curso

Instruction Language: Spanish
Application Language: Spanish
This course serves as a preparation for the examination MOS - Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2013 (Exam 77-422). You will get familiarised in it with the user interface of the PowerPoint 2013 program where you will try various views of presentations. You will learn to enter text into presentations and insert graphical elements into them, including pictures, shapes, clip art, symbols or even equations. You will try to edit all the inserted objects and move them within or between slides. In case of text, you will apply the WordArt formatting. When inserting new slides into a presentation, you will learn to select a suitable layout of the predefined text placeholders. You will also try to change the selected layout as well as to restore the original one. You will learn to insert additional objects into the slides of presentations, namely tables, charts, SmartArt graphics, sound and video, and to further edit them. You will learn to organise slides, split them into sections and move them even between presentations. You will examine the presentation themes in details, customising the properties of the previously selected one. You will learn to add a footer to the slides and customise the slide master. You will also compare two presentations and will take a look at the work with comments. You will learn to set the slides transition and assign animation effects to the different objects on slides. You will adjust the animation settings and set the slide show timing. You will also set the properties of the presented slide show and add speaker notes to the presentation. You will create your custom template and will learn to print a presentation and save it in different file formats.

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  • Navegación básica en PowerPoint
  • Manipulación de diapositivas
  • Herramientas de WordArt
  • Transición de diapositivas
  • Importar datos externos
  • Crear una nueva presentación
  • Formas
  • Edición de párrafos
  • Efectos de animación
  • Asignar acciones a objetos
  • Editar el patrón de diapositivas
  • Edición de formas
  • Hipervínculos
  • Efectos avanzados de animación
  • Comparación de versiones de una presentación
  • Diseño de diapositivas
  • Secciones de la presentación
  • Cuadros de texto
  • 17pwp03
  • Fondo de la diapositiva
  • Manipulación avanzada de objetos
  • Listas de viñetas
  • Comentarios
  • Insertar información al pie de página
  • Insertar tablas en las diapositivas
  • Guardar en varios formatos
  • Temas
  • Editar tablas
  • Revisión
  • Modificar la vista de presentación
  • Tablas de fuentes externas
  • Configuración de la impresión
  • Insertar gráficos en las diapositivas
  • Opciones avanzadas de guardado
  • Editar gráficos en las diapositivas
  • Notas en las diapositivas
  • Crear y editar gráficos SmartArt
  • Presentación personalizada de diapositivas
  • Tipos de gráficos SmartArt
  • Configuración de la presentación
  • Insertar imágenes
  • Tiempo de presentación de las diapositivas
  • Efectos de imagen
  • Vista del moderador
  • Manipular imágenes
  • Herramientas para mostrar una presentación
  • Añadir sonido a la presentación
  • Añadir un vídeo a la presentación
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ApplicationLanguage Spanish
EducationLanguage Spanish