MOS: Microsoft Office Outlook 2013 - Course

Instruction Language: English
Application Language: English
This course serves as a preparation for the examination MOS - Microsoft Office Outlook 2013 (Exam 77-423). You will get familiarised in it with the program interface and learn to send, receive, print and organise messages in it. You will also learn to work with message attachments, to create an automatic reply and to set rules for automatic processing of received or sent messages. You will send a message with a questionnaire to fill in. You will also get acquainted with a whole range of other tools, which will make your work with e-mails easier and more pleasant. You will learn to use the Calendar folder to plan different appointments, the Tasks folder to monitor all your duties and the Notes folder to write down any ideas that come to your mind. In the Journal folder, you will record the details about various actions. You will also learn to manage your contacts and send message to them. You will work with address books and you will learn to print the individual items from the entire mail client. You will learn to organise your appointments by using the Calendar and assign tasks to your colleagues with the subsequent follow-up of their fulfilment.

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  • Introduction to Outlook
  • Creating a new message
  • Recalling a meeting and adjusting the Calendar
  • Creating and printing contacts
  • Mail settings
  • Replying to messages and forwarding them
  • Sending your Calendar
  • Address Book
  • New Microsoft Outlook interface
  • Mail folders
  • Calendar
  • Contact group
  • Outlook view options
  • Managing attachments
  • Viewing the calendars of your colleagues
  • Customising the layout of the Outlook window
  • Tracking messages
  • Sharing the Outlook data with other users
  • Viewing received messages
  • Delegate access
  • Editing appointments and events
  • Setting an e-mail account
  • Editing the content of a message
  • Recurring appointments
  • Creating message signatures
  • Arranging the message list
  • Sneak peeks
  • Quick steps
  • Organising messages into subfolders and categories
  • Creating all-day events
  • Managing messages by using rules
  • Junk Email
  • Managing Calendar items
  • Automatic replies
  • Viewing messages by conversation
  • Scheduling a meeting
  • Saving and printing messages
  • Message list features
  • Accepting a meeting invitation
  • Outlook data files
  • Flagging messages for their follow-up
  • Proposing a new meeting time
  • Searching for messages
  • Tasks
  • Managing contacts
  • Managing tasks
  • People view
  • Notes
  • Journal
  • Managing the Journal
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ApplicationLanguage English
EducationLanguage English