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Course packages MOS 2016 Core - Sada 4 interaktivních kurzů

Instruction Language: Czech
Application Language: Czech
This set of courses is intended for those who need a preparation for the individual MOS examinations (Exam 77-725), (Exam 77-727), (Exam 77-729), (Exam 77-731), (Exam 77-730). Within this set of courses, you will familiarise yourself with the standard terms and functions used in the field of information technology and ...


£ 58.00
£ 70.18 incl. VAT info

Single courses MOS: Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2016 - kurz

Instruction Language: Czech
Application Language: Czech
This course serves as a preparation for the examination MOS - Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2016 (Exam 77-729). You will get familiarised in it with the user interface of the PowerPoint 2016 program where you will try various views of presentations. You will learn to enter text into presentations and insert graphical ...


£ 22.00
£ 26.62 incl. VAT info