ECDL 5.0

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Course packages PCIE 2010 - Suite de 6 cours - M2 à M6 plus M7B

Instruction Language: French
Application Language: French
The set of courses PCIE 2010 - Set of 6 courses - M2 to M6 plus M7B includes the majority of topics required as preparation for passing the PCIE (ECDL) examination. In order to cover the full length of topics, however, it is necessary to study also the modules PCIE 2010 M1 : Technologies et Société de l’Information ...


£ 69.00
£ 83.49 incl. VAT info

Single courses PCIE 2010 M6 : Présentation

Instruction Language: French
Application Language: French
In this course you will learn to create, edit and to display a presentation in MS PowerPoint. You will also learn how to insert data from other applications into a presentation and to print presentations.


£ 18.00
£ 21.78 incl. VAT info