Course Manager

Course Manager

Course ManagerGOPAS delivers courses integrated with the Course Manager. This is available in both the DVD and the Download versions and it is installed automatically.

The user-friendly Course Manager allows users to browse course structures, study a selected tutorial, undertake exercises or respond to a quiz.

Course Manager is also able to record pre-assessment and final test results. It remembers which parts of a course were completed and indicates to the user which parts of the course a student may potentially skip due to satisfactory results in the pre-assessment test.

Course Manager also includes a search engine that assists students to rapidly find lessons containing searched keywords. Thereby Course Manager supports not only systematic learning but it can also be used for Just-in-time learning or as a Performance support tool.

On the other hand, the Course Manager cannot substitutefor  a Learning Management System since it stores its data locally in the user profile on the user’s PC and does not permit the exporting or reporting of study results to a central database. In the event that you are interested in this type of functionality please see the Corporate Customers section.