Course Design

Course Design Summary

Distribution to individual customers

For users who wish to install our self-study courses locally we have various sets of courses available on DVD-ROM or for download. There is a complete list of distributions sets in the Product Catalog (e-Shop).
The most complete set, the MS Office 2010 - Library of 15 Interactive Courses, consists of 298 lessons grouped in 15 courses. If you study it thoroughly you will also hear 34 hours of vocal instruction and will spend roughly 150 hours working with the lessons. For those users who are interested only in a specific Microsoft Office application smaller sets are available, for example the MS Excel 2010 - Set of 3 Interactive Courses

Distribution to corporate customers

Customers who have their own LMS can import our courses which are fully AICC and SCORM compliant. More details are available in the Corporate Customers section. 

Designed for self-paced independent study

Most of our courses are available in three different levels - for beginners, intermediate and advanced users. Each course typically consists of approx. 20 lessons, each of them providing cca. 30 minutes of interactive tutorialsexercises and quiz.

Combined educational forms

Each course includes a pre-assessment at the beginning of the course to help students identify to what they need to study; tutorials with written and verbal instructions (recorded in a studio by a professional speaker) using illustrative simulation, that can be run in 3 different modes according to the students' preference; exercises for independent work; quizzes as rehearsals for tests and a final test based on the entire content of the course.

Lucid structure, information ready at hand

Despite including all features defined above, the courses have a simple structure that makes them easy to navigate. The Course Manager allows users to not only study the entire course content from the beginning to the end, but also it permits users to rapidly locate a specific topic, to learn new skills and to immediately apply them in their work.

Localisation, different language versions

Currently our courses are offered in English, French, German, Czech and Slovak localisations. More details concerning the degree of localisation is here. The availability of the courses in individual language versions is defined in the Product Catalog (e-Shop).