The Advantages Offered by our Courses

All the principal Microsoft Office applications are covered

Our library of interactive e-learning courses covers all the principal Microsoft Office Applications and also the Microsoft Windows Operating System.

Wide-ranging and comprehensive content

The most up-to-date MS Office 2010 Library of Courses consists of 298 lessons grouped into 15 courses. If you study these in full you will listen to 34 hours of audio instruction and will spend cca. 150 hours on completing all the lessons. The content of the entire library is equivalent to 24 days of instructor based classroom training.

Adding together all the courses for Microsoft Office Applications that we have developed up to the present time, starting with the Microsoft Office 2000 version, we arrive at a total of 224 courses consisting of 4103 lessons, including 391 hours of audio narration and a study period of approximately 2500 hours. If you worked on them for 8 hours a it would take you 359 daysto study them in full.

Several language versions are available

We offer the MS Office 2010 courses in English, French, German, Czech and Slovak localised versions. 
The MS Office 2007 courses are available in English, Czech and Slovak versions. The courses for the older versions of Microsoft applications are available only in Czech and in Slovak.

Multimedia, interaction and simulation

Students are led through the courses by a virtual teacher - with voice and/or written text instruction complemented by highlighting the current area of interest with red borders or by using a red arrow. Students are regularly required to perform individual tasks that are then corrected as necessary. Three levels of automatic help areavailable to support them in fulfilling the tasks, i.e. evaluation, advice and simulation of the correct procedures.

Combining of educational strategies

Each GOPAS course consists of a pre-assessment at the beginningof the course to assist students inidentifying what they need to study; written and audio lectures (recorded in a studio by a professional speaker) using illustrative simulation that can be run in 3 different modes, in accordance with students' requirements; as exercises for the independent work; quizes and a final test for the entire course.  

Your progress and results are recorded and stored

When later on you decide to recommence studying the course, you will not need to start again from the beginning, you will simply continue from where your results have already been collated.

Independent of time and place

Independence is probably the best-known advantage of e-learning. In principle you can learn exactly when and where you want to. When studying the On-line form of our courses, you will need a regular PC with a internet connection. When running the course from locally installed files (in the DVD or the Download forms) you will not even need the internet. 

Just In Time learning

Thanks to the search function it is not essential that you master the entire application. Whenever you may need advice or to find a solution, e.g. during your work, you will simply search for and study those parts of the course in which the specific subject matter is explained.