About Gopas


GOPAS is a leading provider of IT training  in both the Czech and Slovak Republics and trains approximately 30,000 students every year. Despite its business activities being restricted to a relatively small market, GOPAS can be counted amongst the largest providers of IT training in Europe.
The GOPAS Computer School has been providing training programmes since 1992. During the years that we have been in business we have become familiar with students’ requirements and with their learning capacity.
Since 2002 GOPAS has been developing self-study e-learning courses to fulfil the demands of the local market.
From the rich experience obtained in the development of ILT courseware and a detailed knowledge of the learning process from daily interaction with students, the GOPAS instruction designers are able to design highly interactive simulation-based e-learning courses that combine the best aspects of classroom experience with the power of the new technologies.
Currently, the sixth generation of our courses – the Microsoft Office 2013 Course Library – a set of electronic self-study courses that aspire to the provision of the most efficacious tuition possible - is available.

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