About Courses

About Courses

Product catalog and a description of the course content

For the courses available and their localisation go to Product Catalog (e-Shop) . You will also find there a detailed description of the course content.

Course design

In the event that you are interested to learn how the GOPAS courses are designed you may also visit the Course Design section.

Try before you buy

Would you prefer to try out a course prior to buying it? That is no problem. In the Product Catalog (e-Shop) on each page containing a course description you can study one tutorial to get a taste of it. From the same page you can also download the time-limited version of the entire Course Set and install it on your computer. When the trial period expires, if you wish to continue to study, you may purchase the Licence Key from our e-Shop and activate the Course Set you have installed.

Ease of implementation

Our courses are available either on DVD-ROM, as a download or online. They can be installed on the hard disk of a PC, integrated to intranet pages or into any Learning Management System (LMS) with a standard interface. The hardware and software requirements for a user's PC are very low and thanks to use of a Flash Player, which is pre-installed in most internet browsers, the instalation of any additional plug-in is not required. This allows for ease of implementation even in large organisations that have strict security measures in force.
Finally there also exists the most simple option, the possibility of studying the courses online directly from the GOPAS internet server.

Technical information

The Microsoft Office 2010, Microsoft Office 2007 and ECDL5.0 courses were developed using Adobe Flash technology. Because of this, the minimum system requirements for a user's PC are very low - any commonly used model of PC should be suitable.
For additional technical details and for information concerning the requirements for earlier versions of courses please view the System Requirements page in the Support section.